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"I am excited for the opportunity to bring a new level of transparency to the board of Yellowstone County Commissioners. I love this great county, and the people deserve to have their voices heard. If I am elected as the next commissioner, it is my promise to make sure every voice is heard." - Mark Morse



Increased crime in Yellowstone County is a problem I am uniquely qualified to deal with. Crime has a detrimental effect on our quality of life, not to mention our economy. Local businesses face increased shoplifting and vagrancy related problems.  We all bear the costs.  There has been a dramatic upsurge in serious crimes like homicide, rape, shootings, and robberies. What is driving this increase in crime? Some of the reasons - overcrowded jail, increased drug trafficking, not enough public defenders, no deterrent. Not an easy solution but my law enforcement career as Special Agent (25 years), now Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy (13 years), will allow me to work with local law enforcement to solve this crime problem. I am skilled at solving complex issues.  We need to continue to FUND and support local law enforcement. 


The question before current county Commissioners is private vs public management of this taxpayer supported facility. Commissioners need to carefully look at this issue – hire an independent 3rd party expert to fully vet any proposals – prepare a public report. Commissioners need to listen to the taxpayers who elect them. Taxpayers are asking for local control. This is too big an issue to make the wrong choice. I support accountability to citizens and pledge to follow open meeting laws. I am used to conflict and will show up for difficult votes. The best solution is generally the local solution. Citizens need to make their voices heard. I will listen to those voices. 


Yellowstone County needs to promote economic development by keeping existing businesses, attracting new businesses, and helping them grow by reducing red tape/regulations making county government more user friendly. Growing local business recycles money spent back into the local economy, continuing the cycle. Businesses should be free to make decisions with as little county government interference as possible. I have a background in economics, own my own business and understand some the challenges.  


In terms of economic development, exciting things are happening in Yellowstone County such as: (NE Bypass, Rocky Vista University, NW Energy….)

I understand you incentivize growth by reducing government overreach. The best solution is generally the local solution.  We have a lot of smart people in this community. I will work to engage them in these efforts to keep our community economically healthy.


Agriculture remains the #1 industry in Yellowstone County. I am a huge supporter.  Examples of some of the great ag related programs that positively impact Yellowstone County are the NILE (Northern International Livestock Exposition), 4-H, FFA (Future Farmers of America), Chase Hawks and horse shows. The potential privatization of Metra Park could have a dampening effect on these organizations.

Last year PAYS (Public Auction Yard sales) did $300 million in cattle sales. Sugar beet factory (Western Sugar Cooperative) is a local farmer owned cooperative which processes sugar beets grown with water from the Yellowstone River. Cooperatives are local jobs, money stays in the local economy.  As county commissioner, I will work to continue to promote agriculture in Yellowstone County.


I am an NRA Life Member and will protect 2nd Amendment rights. I believe in respect for the law and respect for private property.


Montana is the last best place. Being residents, we all know Yellowstone County is the best place to live in the last best place. I will keep it that way.

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